Maria Neil from The Jesuit Institute has visited St John’s to share a play and conduct storytelling sessions on the Life of St Ignatius.

Each year group watched a 20-minute play which was followed by a 1-hour story box session. 

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The boys explored the extraordinary life of St Ignatius through drama and play.  The performance details St Ignatius’ life from his dreams of being a famous knight to his recovery after the cannonball destroyed those dreams, and his conversion to following Jesus.

The level of focus from the boys was wonderful to witness.

Years 7 and 8 delved deeper into St Ignatius’ life, learning about his pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, his return to Spain, and his creation of the Jesuits in London. Using materials such as clay, colours and blocks the boys reflected on what they thought was St Ignatius’ most important life moment.

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