Athletics Team Report 
by Olivier G (Year 8)

On Thursday 05th May, the Athletics team, ranging from years 3-8, attended an athletics competition at Merchant Taylors School. 

We competed against St Martin’s Prep, The Beacon, St John’s Northwood, Gayhurst and Caldicott.

The results were the following;

  • 100m: 1st (Arjan L), 1st (Josh N), 4th (Sam W), 1st (Dim A), 1st (Archie D)
  • 200m: 1st (George D), 1st (Josh N), 3rd (Alfie G), 1st (Dim A), 3rd (Noah)
  • 300m: 3rd (Daniel S)
  • 800m: 4th (Jack B), 1st (Luke B), 4th (Alfie G), 3rd (Harry W), 4th (Archie D)
  • 1500m: 4th (George H), 4th (Ruben S)
  • Long Jump: 1st (Olivier G), 1st (Luke B), 1st (Sam W), 1st (AJ E), 1st (Paddy O)
  • High Jump: 3rd (George D), 4th (Xander M), 4th (Caspar R), 1st (Dim A), 1st (Paddy O)
  • Cricket Ball: 1st (Luca M)
  • Shotput: 2nd (Arjan L), 1st (Josh N), Sam.W (N/A)
  • Javelin: 3rd (Arjan L), 1st (Sean B), 1st (Alfie G), 4th (Josh C)
  • 4X100m Relay: 2nd (Under 14’s), 1st (Under 13’s), 3rd (Under 12’s), 3rd (Under 11’s), 2nd (Under 10’s)

In the end, we placed 2nd in the competition.

This means that Beacon still holds the trophy, but we still did very well and are proud of our results.

We have learned where our weaknesses are, and this can only allow us to improve further.

SJB Athletics Team 2022