Rudiments boys have been treated to an inspirational talk from the best-selling children’s writer Dan Freedman. Nowadays Dan works with the Premier League, publishes books and writes the Jamie Johnson television drama for CBBC.

Dan told us all about his life and how, through awe-inspiring persistence and resilience, he has followed his dream to the extent that he writes about and works at the epicentre of, the game he has always loved.

The boys were also on top form and asked some intriguing questions which reflected their engagement with what they were hearing. This year group is chock full of talent – lots of scholars, unbeaten rugby and football teams, and yesterday they showed their empathy and emotional intelligence in their very impressive interaction with our distinguished guest.

Possibly the highlight of a talk which was full of highlights was Dan’s response to a question from Charlie B about the most interesting person he has met /interviewed. Dan responded that it wasn’t Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney or Gerrard but none other than Nelson Mandela! Dan was born in South Africa and described Nelson Mandela as ‘ one of the greatest people to have ever lived on the planet’. It was moving to see such a sincere and humbling experience being recounted to our boys.

We have copies of ‘Unstoppable’, written by Dan for the 12-14 age group, for all of the boys in Rudiments and will begin to pass these onto the boys next week.

Well done to all who attended,

Mr. Gibbons, Head of English.