Basketball Report: SJB vs Yately Manor 31 January

SJB travelled away, on Monday night, to visit the reigning IAPS national champions on their home court: Yately Manor.

The U11 team played first, they were able to attack the basket well, and in the second half, our team took more shots than our opposition. Special mention to Alfie Granger who scored 6 points for SJB, and Ruben who set up our attacks well, as point guard. More defensive structure practice is needed for improvement, as the U11 game finished: SJB 6 – 16 Yately Manor. 

Next on the court were our U13 team, we looked fierce in attack, and exchanged baskets with Yately Manor as both teams kept up with a high tempo game. At times we looked dominant, Shaurya Gupta and Dominic O’Brien were frequently our playmakers and set up strong attacking plays. The score finished close: SJB 13 – 16 Yately Manor.

We were unable to convert on our high shot rate, but gave a very promising performance, in the build-up to the IAPS Basketball Competition, which will be attending with a strong team.