Years 5 to 8 enjoyed their outdoor team-building sessions with BeVenturesome.

BeVenturesome is an adventure educator that specialises in creating fun, engaging and challenging experiences as well as observing and extracting insights that might help pupils in the future. Our boys worked their way through challenges such as Construction, Stepping Stone & Leaky Pipes together. They discussed Leadership and what it meant to them and they were introduced to the concept of effective Followership and how it is intertwined with Leadership.

The boys certainly rose to the challenges exemplified by their performances in a surprise presentation sprung on them when they had to present their learnings to each other. The BeVenturesome team enjoyed working with our SJB boys and hope that they enjoyed sharing some much-needed experiences together and will find the days useful in the future.

See pictures below and read about the boys’ experiences:

Year 5

“On Tuesday  27th April Year 5 went down to the flats to learn how to lead, to follow and work as a team. Tackling tough tasks like having to get everyone across the area with only boxes and three planks. These challenges made us think in different ways and brainstorm other ideas or different tactics. It may have been hard, but we always found a way to get through together. This event was fun for everybody, and we learned so much together!” by Dharam S. 

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Year 6

“On Tuesday afternoon, Lower Figures took part in a Team Building and Leadership session. We all felt excited walking down to the flats and we were keen to find out what we were going to do. We met the team building teachers who were all friendly, welcoming and encouraging. They split us up into three teams and our first team building exercise involved working together to get a golf ball into a bucket using drainpipes without dropping the ball! It looked easy but it was quite tricky. We had two more activities which were equally as fun but difficult requiring us to all work together. We all enjoyed the day and learnt our strengths and weaknesses in how to work as an effective team. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the teachers who organised this activity.”  Joshua C (LF1)

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Year 7

“The team-building exercises were not only fun but it helped us know what to do in a time when they’re needed to be a leader, it taught us that there can sometimes be more than one leader like when we had to use two ropes to get a bucket in the sandpit this is a good example because you need two people to take charge. In my opinion, the most fun exercise was the water one, but the one that took the most thinking was the box one because you needed to tell everyone what was happening and what we needed to do. What we learnt from this was to listen to other people’s ideas even if it is against yours. If you don’t know what is happening or what you need to do, be a follower and listen to the leaders, don’t talk over people’s ideas because it could be the right answer. In my opinion, what I think makes a good leader is someone who compliments’s people’s work, someone who takes charge of the situation if they know what the solution and who listens to other people’s idea.” Tommy MJ

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Year 8

“Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you for arranging the team leadership building activity on Monday for all the boys.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that really appreciates it. It was a great opportunity and I absolutely loved it and want to let you know my reasons for this. 

  1. It was a fantastic and fun way of learning how to be a leader and deal with certain situations and to be given the chance of thinking outside the box.
  2. The activity with the exploding bomb was a great challenge and I really enjoyed being able to work as a team.
  3. I now understand that being a leader isn’t about doing things alone it means thinking of others and listening.
  4. I understand now the effect one’s behaviour and actions have on other people and this has made me think about how I should or shouldn’t act hastily in the future.
  5. I think it’s was a lovely thing to do to get us out of the classroom, as I feel all the homeschooling was quite boring being sat at a screen without interactions with my peers.

I hope this will give you an insight into how I’m feeling about the day and that it was such a positive thing to do.” Tom D 

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