Our Head of English, Mr Gibbons is an avid fan of cricket and it is his pleasure to lead our U13C cricket team. 

The boys have been thriving this season and especially our Chinese students started to excel at their cricket matches, paired with some Shakespeare or Poetry, thrown in by their coach.

Enjoy reading Eric B’s match report:

On a beautiful, English Spring afternoon, the U13C’s, led by the glorious and enthusiastic Mr. Gibbons, triumphed against their opposition, Bishopsgate. It was a tremendous day, full of great bowls, batting, and excellent sportsmanship. A notable mention of such sportsmanship was Connor, who despite having a broken finger, came to our match and did a great job of being the scorer.

Batting first, the start of the match was relatively slow. The opposition didn’t seem to know how to bowl, so we were just racking up points. However, we started picking up the pace of the match by smashing the wide and no-balls. Despite only 3 bowls in 3 overs being on target, Diego still managed to score 11 runs (two fours included). The next main batsman was our Captain, Marcus. After being bowled out once, he was not happy at all and brilliantly bounced back, smashing a 4 and a near 6.

Between Marcus and the final batting pair, we had some decent performances from James, Alex, Iron, David, Jerry L, but especially Max Ng who scored a very solid 16 runs.

The final batsman was me, Eric. Hitting a 6 and 4 sixes in a row, (Mr. Manning, please take note) we ended on a grand total of 118 runs, a great improvement from our previous total score of… 4.

It was now our turn to bowl. Diego started us off with some especially accurate and fast bowling. We then had some solid bowling from Eric, Max and Faisal. Then, out of nowhere, William Payne stunned us all by getting a surprise wicket.

Now entering a new chapter of our match: Chinese Cricket. Iron, David and Max Ng completely dominated. Iron, after bowling a wide, turned on some imaginary switch in his brain and scored a total of 3 wickets. David also scored a great wicket, and Max, an incredible diving catch.

A truly remarkable day for Chinese Cricket.

I would like to thank Mr. Gibbons immensely for leading us to and through this major win. I would also like to thank Mr. Hennessy and Mr. Manning for so flawlessly organizing these matches.

This report has been translated by Jerry Q for our Chinese families;