David Lowe composer of the BBC News theme, Countryfile & The One Show virtually visited our Saturday morning Composer’s Club.

David talked about composition and what inspired him as a composer. 

Read Shaurya’s account here.

On the 30th of January, we had a zoom session with David Lowe. He is an established composer and producer working primarily in TV, radio, commercials both in the UK and internationally. He has composed music for a wide range of programs including the news, current affairs, wildlife and entertainment shows.

We were invited to a 30-minute call in which he talked about his career, this inspired many of the students and triggered our creative juices.

We took a look at the famous BBC theme tune and deconstructed and took a look at each part carefully, I was very impressed when he told us that the heart of this piece was actually the Greenwich clock ticking away – this is the click that is repeated precisely every second of the tune. David gave us a walkthrough of how it is like to compose music electronically with all the technology because nowadays, composing music electronically gives you a wide variety of sounds to play with.

We are very privileged to have such a talented composer share his knowledge with us and it was truly a wonderful experience.

Thank you to David!