The last week of the Easter term at St John’s Beaumont was marked by a series of traditional celebrations.

The whole school gathered for Tenebrae. The word, which derives from the Latin word for darkness, reminds us of Jesus’ final week, including his condemnation by Pontias Pilate and his cruel treatment by the Pharisees.

It is a valuable reminder to us all of the value of truth: how we live this out in our own lives and particularly in the little things that we do.

All boys joined us online but the service was held, as it always is, and it was a pleasure to welcome Fr Porter to lead the service. The service is a high point of the liturgical year for many boys and staff for its powerful imagery. The boys were able to experience the gradual extinguishing of the candles and a peace and tranquillity that the service brings.

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The best way to learn is to be actively involved and our Year 6 Lower Figures boys took this to another level when they reenacted the Last Supper from Matthew 26 in their RE lessons. The scene is famously depicted in da Vinci’s famous fresco and as part of their study, the boys interpreted and considered each disciples response and the imagery within the painting.

The highlight for all was when they were able to break the bread (in this case chocolate) and wine (Vimto) and look more closely at Jesus‘s words, which are so familiar and part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist in Mass.

All boys in Lower Figures have been an absolute pleasure to teach this term and we have been particularly impressed with the quality of their reflection, attention to detail, independence and active engagement in class. 

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