Congratulations to Aarush P (Y8) who has been awarded a King’s Scholarship this year to Eton College.

The King’s scholarship is widely regarded as one of the biggest academic challenges a boy of 13 can undertake and the competition to win is particularly fierce.

The examination this year had to be contracted into a smaller range of papers owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and thus each paper brought with it even greater pressure.

It is important to us that however strong a boy is in any given discipline at St John’s, being it academic, sport or the creative arts, that he maintains a broad and balanced commitment to the wider curriculum. Aarush’s success in the King’s Scholarship is all the more impressive given his unstinting commitment to the all-round life of the School. He has been a chorister in the Chapel Choir of many years and a key performer in cricket also alongside a courageous involvement in a wider range of other opportunities and challenges.

However, we are at pains to point to the boys that winning a scholarship should be the icing on the cake and not the cake itself.

Taking the decision to prepare for a scholarship of any type requires tremendous commitment, determination and resilience and can never be undertaken lightly.

We are fortunate this year to have had a wonderful group of boys who have taken this decision and whilst some of them have experienced the disappointment of not being able to audition or sit for their chosen award due to the pandemic or missed out on an award narrowly, it has nonetheless been a privilege to walk with and support them through this most arduous of processes and we are proud of each and every one of them regardless.

The journey and the experience they have gained by challenging themselves in this regard will stand them in tremendous stead through life and we look forward to supporting the next cohort of boys in Rudiments next year reach for the stars!

Our congratulations go to:

  • Alexander B – Academic
  • Charlie B – All Rounder
  • Jude B-C – All Rounder
  • Max B – Sport
  • Fadi J – Academic
  • Harry J – Academic
  • Joshua O-W – Sport & Academic
  • Aarush P – Academic
  • Enzo P-B – Academic
  • Thomas P – Sport
  • Krishiv S – Academic
  • William S – Sport
  • Monty S – Academic
  • Rocco V – Sport

Well done to all boys!