Magis Talk on 15th May 2020 at 12pm

We are fortunate enough to have amongst our fantastic parent body a coveted pharmaceutical scientist; Dr Oliver who kindly donated her time to hold a Magis talk for the Upper School boys on the topic of Covid-19.

Dr Oliver studied Maths and Physics at the University of Manchester, followed by a PhD in Applied Maths and Pharmacology at School of Pharmacy (in the laboratories where Rutherford actually split the atom), University of Manchester. She later went on to do a Post-Doc at Hoffman La Roche in Switzerland and a Clinical Fellowship at GlaxoWelcome. Dr Oliver has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years in the area of clinical pharmacology.

Her talk (via Zoom) was be split over two 20 min sessions, allowing for questions and interaction. It covered the following areas;

  • What is a viral infection versus a bacterial infection, and what approaches are used to treat symptoms and disease?
  • What is the COVID19 virus, how does it spread and attack our immune system, and how does the human body respond (Virus versus response and symptoms)?
  • What is a vaccine and how do we develop?
  • Key development and regulatory stages

We are extremely grateful to Dr Oliver, giving her time for such a topical and fascinating Magis talk to our boys.

Click here to read an account of the Magis talk by Eashar S (Y6).