St John’s Beaumont School is proud to be supporting OHOB (Open Hearts Open Borders) charity during Michaelmas term 2020, when we will be hosting several fundraising events to support this incredible charity.

Faraday Fearnside, the founder of the charity, joined our Upper School boys for a Magis talk.

Report written by Ayaan H (Great Figures A):

“Yesterday (Wednesday 4th November 2020) Tom, Faisal and I had the pleasure of hosting our guest speaker Mrs Fernside.

In this Magis, Mrs Fearnside was representing her own charity, OHOB – Open Hearts Open Borders. This charity is an organisation which is very close to her heart, after seeing other peoples lives and hardships (mostly immigrants and refugees).

The charity is relying on donations which have helped fund over 250 tonnes of aid which has been sent to Syria and Greece since 2015. OHOB has such a reach on helping immigrants and refugees coming to the UK, that it sponsors a French mobile WIFI network*!

During this hard time of Corona Virus, Mrs Fernside’s charity has still been operating! After all that the charity has done for others, and her own desire to help, Mrs Fearnside is an inspiration to all of our boys here at St John’s.”

* OHOB have sponsored a mobile wifi connection point, with phones, through another charity to give refugees an opportunity to make contact with relatives and let them know they are alive, etc. It also allows them to contact other support agencies to start the process of legal routes from the camps into safer countries.

Click below to find out how OHOB helps refugees across Europe and beyond:

Open Hearts Open Boarders Magis Presentation at St John's Beaumont School

Fundraising events to support OHOB