Final details:

Sunday, 5th December, 12:30 – 6:00 pm, at school.

Weather is looking good: cold, but nice and dry. Remember to dress keeping in mind this is an outdoors event.

️ Parking will be available on the front field. If this is impractical due to mud, De Vere Beaumont Estate has kindly offered some parking spaces for our families.

There is no access to any of the school buildings other than the toilets on the ground floor of the Sports Hall. Please make sure nobody in your group trespasses the prohibited areas.

Payments around the Fayre will be made with Beaucoins. These can be bought by cash only (apologies).

⛸ Payment details to be sent via email shortly, we are working out the numbers for the last time! The ice rink provider recommends gloves to be worn.

Raffle tickets, puddings, calendars and other FSJB merchandise will be available to buy at the Fayre.

‍♂️ Please be sure your boys and other minors are not left unattended at any moment. There is no official first aid provision on site and it will be dark by the end of the Fayre.

Face coverings must be worn indoors when using the toilets. In order to keep everyone safe, attendants are asked to take an LFT before attending the Fayre.

Please bring torches or use your mobile phone torch when it is getting dark as the ground may be uneven in some areas.

‍♀️Massive thank you to all our class reps for working so hard for all of us to have fun… We are almost there!

If you have some time to spare and volunteer at the Fayre, please get in touch with any of the team or through fsjb@sjb.email and let us know. Any help is welcome!

We really look forward to seeing you all there and to build happy moments together to remember!

The Christmas Fayre is full steam ahead and we are very excited to share some more details so that you can come prepared to enjoy a magical day with our school community:

The whole event will be held outdoors, so please wrap up warm! Remember there´s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing… And we are determined to make up in magic what we might lose in comfort!

Class Reps are hands-on collecting contributions, preparing some fabulous stalls with fun games and yummy food, and putting their heads together to creatively sort any logistic challenges. Please support them as much as you can: we are all working together to make it a Christmas Fayre to remember.

The school stalls and food will run with token money: the Beaucoins. They can be purchased with cash or by credit card at two points of the trail, one at the entrance of the trail and another one next to the food and drinks area on the front gravel.

Raffle prizes are looking amazing with your extremely generous contributions, thank you very much for helping build these fabulous prizes, you will all want to be the lucky winners when you see them!

 And, of course, there is the ICE RINK… Let´s all give it a last push and make it happen! All we can say for now is that we are doing a really good job!

Thank you.
Your FSJB Team