St John’s Beaumont School parents raise a staggering £50,000 for charity

This year has been a rollercoaster for everyone, but before the world was changed by Covid-19, our SJB parents, led by our parents’ association ‘Friends of St John’s’, were extremely generous and raised a staggering £50,000 for charity. The money was raised by a series of community events, including: 

Photograph of students and staff at St John's Beaumont Dog Show

We are extremely pleased with the high amount raised this year. There is no better time than now to be able to support those in need and suffering the most from the effects of the pandemic, be it close to home or afar. The FSJB has its annual list of chosen charities, which this year included

New Charities

We felt that the large amount raised should be made available to a wider range of charities, in and around our community.

We are therefore pleased to announce the support for two further charities which are close to our hearts here at St John’s, the Jesuit Missions and St John the Divine Primary School in Lambeth.

Jesuit Missions

The Jesuit Missions is currently working, amongst many other projects, at the Kampala refugee camp in Uganda where there is urgent support needed to ensure the education of refugees and the provision of basic daily hygiene. Kampala is one of the major urban refugee settlements in Uganda.

Currently, there are over 76,000 refugees living in Kampala, most of them arriving from DR Congo, South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi in total destitute. Few have means of support and most do not know English well enough to function in a big city. Education, livelihoods and protection are at the core of the JRS programme which we will be supporting.

St John the Divine Primary School

The St John the Divine Primary School is situated in the Vassal Ward, in Lambeth, one of the most deprived areas in the capital, and sadly the breeding ground to many of the gangs in South London. We are helping the school to refurbish their ball-court and set up teams, training and games to give the children somewhere where they can safely play sports. Being part of a team will help to give the children a sense of belonging and discipline which may stop them from getting involved with gangs.

We are pleased that these charities also enable us to build a partnership that will involve our boys directly into these outreach programmes, be it through visiting speakers, joint activities or getting hands-on. We look forward to sharing further details of these upcoming activities with you in September.

Once again, we would like to thank our parent community for their generosity and kind-heartedness as well as our FSJB team for bringing it all together.