New Greenpower Racing after-school club proves extremely popular

Who knew that our wonderful Head of History, Mr Reid, is also a petrol-head?! Well, not so much petrol, more battery, these days… because racing is going green! This term, Mr Reid has started a new after-school activity; ‘Greenpower Racing’, that was an instant hit with the boys.

The idea comes from the Greenpower Education Trust, a UK based charity which gets young people enthusiastic about science and engineering by challenging them to design, build and race an electric go-kart sized car.

As this is the first term, the activity will have the important role of setting up a team of up to 12 boys. This team will then aim to raise funds and find sponsors to help us buy our first kit. The boys will be ground-breakers for the activity at the school.

With the support of a Greenpower Ambassador and a member of staff, all boys in the team will be instrumental in building, maintaining, and racing the car at events when the racing season, hopefully, starts later in the school year. Team members will also be able to use software to design the bodywork shape of the cart with the ambition of making it efficient and quick.

The SJB Greenpower Racing concept car

During their first sessions, the boys drew up their first concept car, discussed what is needed to build the car and brainstormed some fundraising ideas. Watch this space!

“Greenpower Racing is a club where we fundraise, engineer and race a formula 24 electric car. Our goal is to raise over £3,000 to be able to afford the car model and the parts. With your help we can get well over that goal. This will open a whole new gateway to building a confident mindset. Additionally, it will help in us science, math and physics.”  Dharam S (Year 6)