On Saturday, 11th June, SJB competed at the IAPS National Swimming Championship Finals at the London Aquatic Centre.

On the day, there were 90 children representing 25 schools across the country and the boys performed superbly.  

SJB had a strong team of 8 boys in two age groups:

Paddy O (Y4)
Jack C (Y5)
AJ (Arthur) E (Y5)
Jonny F (Y5)

Alexander LC (Y7)
Joshua C (Y7)
Sebastian B (Y7)
Joshua N (Y7)

Mr Kyriacou and Mr Leather were really pleased with the results and the effort that the boys demonstrated. It was an exciting day in the pool with the team results as follows:

  • U10s (Y5s) Freestyle Relay: 4th
  • U12s (Y7s) Freestyle Relay: 3rd
  • U12s (Y7s) Medley Relay: 10th

In the individual races, there was strong competition and some solid performances from our boys. Jack C brought home a gold in the 25m backstroke in a brilliant race. The other individual results are as follows:

  • Jack C (Y5) – 25m backstroke: 1st
  • Seb B (Y7) – 50m backstroke: 9th 
  • Josh C (Y7) – 50m front crawl: 11th
  • Alexander LC (Y7) – 50m breaststroke: 16th
  • AJ (Arthur) E (Y5) – 25m front crawl: 20th