Some lucky Year 7 and 8 boys recently had the opportunity to travel to Iceland on a Geography Field Trip. It was a fantastic experience to see some of the wild landscapes and nature of Iceland including waterfalls, caves, glaciers and the Blue Lagoon. Below are some of the thoughts and reflections from the boys:

We went to a waterfall and we watched how the waterfall was moving, as it moved down it created the illusion of the mountain rising. We drunk water from the flowing waterfall river, it was very cold. Describe my experience: Brilliant and amazing.
By Sebastian B

It was very exciting to see the glacier, Mr Hutch explained that the glacier moved a great distance over three years, since the last group from school visited Iceland. The glacier moved back approximately 100M. We glacier was very cold and you could hear the crackling sound it made inside. Describe my experience:
By Tilman L

At the Blue lagoon, we walked into warm milky water, it was so calm and relaxing. In the Blue lagoon we walked through the man-made waterfall. Describe my experience: Refreshing.
By Alexander L-C

I was the only one in our group to spot a white Icelandic fox. The lava cave had crystals even though it was hot inside there were still ice crystals. We experienced complete darkness inside the dormant lava cave. Describe my experience: Magnificent. 
By Sean B

It was amazing to see that the colour of the sand in the beach was black, it was made of tiny black pinballs. The rocks on the mountain were like the giant’s causeway, similar to Scotland. Describe my experience: Extraordinary.
By Joshua C

As we walked up the cliff, about a kilometre in distance, we learnt that the glacier was retreating extremely quickly. As we got to the top of the cliff, we had a moment to stop and take a few pictures. We carefully walked down the cliff avoiding puddles and ice. In groups of 5 we touched the glacier and we could hear the crackling sounds of the ice melting inside. Describe my experience: an opportunity you can’t find anywhere else.
By Edward M