Last week’s Magis talk was held by architect Andrew Tyley who has master-planned many projects across the world; from Beijing, New York to Mexico City and London.

Mr Tyley, who is also a dad to two boys in our school, kindly took the time to hold a talk on Architecture and its role in the 21st Century to our Upper School boys, as part of our Magis Programme.

After the talk, our Rudiments (Y8) student Lucio wrote of his experience;

‘Today as our Magis talk, we had the opportunity to welcome Mr Tyley to share with us some of his amazing work as an architect.

He illustrated to us how architecture is involved in many different areas of our life and we learnt that architecture is influenced by and affects many different things, such as geography, science, engineering, art and most of all our imagination.

We also learnt that the air inside the O2 building weighs more than the building itself!

It was interesting to see the knowledge and skills that we learn at school are relevant in so many ways and encourages us to make the most of our time here.’

Thank you, Lucio and Mr Tyley.

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