Inter-Animal Story Writing Competition

Here are our St John’s Beaumont School Animal House Mascots:

Our boys were asked to write a story that tells of how each animal came to sport their particular imperfection;

  • the tiger has odd-coloured eyes
  • the yak a broken horn and
  • the emu a ruffled feather.

Mr Gibbons has announced the results with an overview of the stiff competition

Thank you and very well done to the many boys who took part. All year groups participated and all animals showed some high quality writing.

A special mention must go to the boys from Berchmans. Lots of excellent writing from very young boys who showed an admirable technical grasp in addition to some very imaginative ideas on how each animal sustained his idiosyncratic feature. Whilst Tigers and Yaks tried hard, the Emus stood out both in every age group and in quality and range of expression.

In GFB Alex B and from Lower Elements Rafe came close to winning, whilst a very young Emu Ethan did very well for Berchmans. The podium sees an Emu clean sweep – Tom M wrote a great story to come in third whilst Joshua Liddle also wrote brilliantly to win second place, leaving Faisal as our winner.

Congratulations to Faisal. Very stylishly and energetically written.

When school resumes after Easter prizes will be distributed for the top three which will be in the form of book tokens. Thank you very much to all of the boys and parents who supported this fun competition.

Read the winning stories here

1st Place – Faisal – The Emu, The Upright Feather

2nd Place Joshua L – How Emu got a Ruffled Feather

3rd Place – Tom M – Emu