This Half-Term in Boarding

Ninja hot-chocolateers!

As we reflect on the exciting adventures of this half term, the energy and enthusiasm within our boarding community have been truly remarkable. With Morse Dormitory almost full, many of our Year 7 boarders have now moved into Southall senior dormitory. It has been great to see so many new boarders on taster nights and thinking about tailored boarding in the term ahead.

The full boarders struck a perfect balance between studies, sports, and leisure. Weekends are full of activity – a walk in the woods, a strategic game of Risk, and a cozy movie night contributed to a well-rounded experience, fostering a sense of community and connection. It has been great to have the boarders over to Romero House for hot chocolate and treats with the Hutchinson-Lawson family!

The boys showcased their incredible skills at Ninja Warrior during a fun-filled day out. It was a perfect blend of fitness and enjoyment, demonstrating the strong camaraderie that defines our boarding family. Who managed to beat the wall?!

In a poignant visit to the RAF Memorial atop Priest Hill, our full boarders witnessed the flooded Runnymede grounds, offering a humbling experience that resonated with the spirit of remembrance.

On chilly Saturday nights, the boarders have been enjoying cinema nights – creating cozy vibes in the common room complete with popcorn and…more hot chocolate!