“The ticket to the future is always open” – SJB boys are inspired by this week’s Magis speakers

On Tuesday 22nd March, our Upper School boys were visited by two inspiring individuals, brothers Peter and Joe Kiberu. The pair joined the Upper School boys for a warming lunch, in which the had an opportunity to chat to boys and staff members and learn about our special St John’s community. This was then followed by a talk, in which they told their exceptional childhood story through their passion for anime. 

Their story begins in Uganda, but during their infant years they moved to London with their mother, never to see their father again. At school, they always felt like anomalies; taller than their peers, reading at a faster rate than their peers. It was only when they reached Year 8 they were informed they were placed in the wrong class, due to lack of proper paperwork. Overnight, they were expected to transition from Year 8 to Year 10, massively impacting their education and experience at school. To compound their challenges they were placed in foster care for many years. 

However, despite their difficult start in life, their fighting spirit secured them both places at University as well as the opportunity to play football at Chelsea Academy. In addition, they were able to turn their life experiences into a business, ‘Unheard Creative’, and inspire other young individuals with their story. 

Their company ‘Unheard Creative,’ has a mission to ‘communicate with young voices that are normally unheard.’ Through visual and creative mediums, they aspire to communicate messages of positivity, guiding young individuals to sustain a positive mindset, even when times may appear testing. In their talk, Peter and Joe shared some of their favourite anime, such as ‘Vash The Stampede,’ and discussed the hidden messages in the literature. 

Some key messages the boys took away from the talk were:

  • Life is a journey and there is no turning back
  • We all follow different routes and we have to savour whichever path we take
  • If your life can change once, it can change again (so if things go wrong they can soon turn right)

Thank you once again to Peter and Joe, your talk has definitely left a mark on our boys.