Magis-The Passage
By Luca M (Year 8)

Last week for Magis, we had Mr Hollingsworth come in to talk to us about the homeless and his group that he works for, called The Passage. 

The main aim of the passage is to try to help as many people who are homeless around the UK. The site he works in is around London and will usually help around 2,000 people a year on average. Because of Covid, their work has been substantially slowed down and they were only able to help about 450 people in 2021.

To help the homeless, they go around the street and try to find them a place they can stay until they have long-term places to stay. They will give them all the resources they need and help to transform their life. 

The number of people living on the streets in the UK has increased by 170% from 2009/10 and The Passage is trying to bring the numbers down all year long. They can’t do all of this alone and need the support of people to donate. The donations are used to provide these people with the resources to start a better life. If you want to help, click below;

Donate Here

All the boys were very interested in what Mr Hollingsworth had to say and we would be glad to have him return another time.