Magis: Mr Fekete – SJB Old Boy

Last week there was another great Magis talk for our Upper School boys with an inspirational SJB Old Boy.

Aloysius Fekete left our school in 1980. He shared his fascinating life story and experiences with the boys, as well as some great pictures games of rugby in the 1970s. In try SJB style, his message was to take risks in life, to progress and learn from your mistakes which have helped him to lead a fulfilled and successful life.



Faisal in year 7 wrote an account of the talk;

On Friday the 19th of June, the upper schoolboys were treated to an exciting Magis with SJB alumni, Mr. Aloysius Fekete. He came to talk to us about his life after leaving St John’s Beaumont. Mr. Fekete previously lived in Newfoundland, Canada. Specifically, in St John’s, a beautiful town almost in the middle of nowhere! He is an ex-soldier and entrepreneur. He started his own company not too long ago and came to tell us about it. The moral of his Magis was to always take risks and step out of your comfort zone. It is something that Mr. Delaney has touched quite a few times and it was delightful for Mr. Fekete to go into even more depth. Mr. Fekete left behind his life in Newfoundland and moved to the UK to start a company without an idea of what was going to happen. This is the perfect example of taking a risk and in the end, it eventually paid off! It was a huge honor to speak to him and a big thank you to all the staff who organized the Magis.