St John’s Beaumont School dad and VR entrepreneur, Rafael Marin Romano, talked to the boys about his venture in Virtual Reality and how it is used in different areas in society.

Mr Rafael Marin Romano holding a Magis talk at St John's Beaumont School Old WindsorMr Marin is not only a current dad of the school but also a former pupil. He spoke to the boys about the massive changes in technology since he attended St John’s Beaumont thirty years ago and with that, the change in the job landscape. He wished that it was an option for a career path when he was a boy at school.

After demonstrating to the boys the various uses of VR, from gaming and puzzle-solving to application in fighting dementia in care-homes (Nomad VR), he challenged the boys to come up with their own ideas for the usage of VR.

Mr Rafael Marin Romano holding a Magis talk at St John's Beaumont School Old WindsorThe boys had 10 minutes to brainstorm within groups and create ideas which were then presented back to Mr Marin and the rest of their peers in a one minute pitch. The ideas ranged from video games applications to travel in time to help the disabled and attending virtual sports events. 

After much consideration, Mr Marin chose a winning idea, which came from a Ruds A (Year 8) group and wants to use VR to visualise the effects of global warming around the world which will increase the awareness of the detrimental impact on our environment.

The winning team is now invited to a free session of the Zero Latency VR experience at Freespace VR in Wembley Park. Well done!