Magis talk by Colin Rayner about Farming in the UK

Our Upper School boys welcomed Colin Rayner, Director of Rayner & Sons, South Buckinghamshire Farmers & former Mayor of Windsor & Maidenhead. Watch the talk here and read the boys’ account below:

Magis Talk Reflections by Xander McN and Jaiden M (Year 6)

“We had a wonderful chat from Colin Rayner on the 2nd of December who described his farm and animals and the types of cow and cattle he owns. He also described his arable farming (growing crops using machines like the combine harvester and how the conditions must be perfect, it is a lot of hard work.) which really inspired us to be more interactive in Geography and it was a fascinating speech about arable farming. 

He showed us many pictures of his machines (combine harvester and tractor), he told us what the huge machines could do as well. Colin told us about the first machine he used and at the age of 12, when he drove the machine. He also explained how Brexit will influence arable farming. He does do pastoral farming (+doing farming with cows and cattle and sometimes they fertilize the soil) as well, so he is a mixed farmer. 

Colin explained the type of tractors he prefers and the ones that have been the best quality over the years. He told us the most stressful part of farming which is when it rains. He talked about how many cattle and cows he bought before Brexit. He explains that Winter is the time of year he can take time off. Here is a quote from Colin; ‘You’re never too old to learn.’.” 

We would like to thank Mr. Hutchinson-Lawson, the boys who asked questions and most of all, Colin Rayner. 

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