Weekly Philosophy podcast for Middle and Upper School Boys

These are brief sessions (between 6-10 minutes), introducing a philosophical concept and an accompanying question for the boys to think about.

As part of the SJB Independence Ladder (see recent Independence blog), we are trying to encourage the boys to develop skills that will see them make the most of the current situation and their learning in general. The Philosophy Drops podcasts will hopefully stimulate further thought, either independently or with a friend. It is important not to ‘answer’ the question but to think more broadly.

Boys that would like to participate in this optional Philosophy project should get the space to develop their own thoughts and reasoning. Perhaps they can find an area at home which is their special ‘thinking’ space – may be in the garden or somewhere quiet in the house.

Please encourage them to record their thoughts in a media of their choice; be it a creative journal, a voice or video recording or even something completely different.

This is not a compulsory activity and but please do ‘encourage’ your son(s) to give it a try. However, greater value will be gained by the boys making the choice to engage themselves.

We hope the boys enjoy and value this project and we look forward to seeing the results when they return to school.