Arjan, Alex, Jack, Shaurya, Yuvraj, Sajan, Dominic, Richard, Luca and Thomas (from Upper Elements) had been learning about the plight of elephants and thought it was time to take some action. Putting their most persuasive letter writing skills into action, their letters were delivered to Mr Delaney.  Compelling facts such as “the elephant population has declined by 62% since the 1900’s” and “there are only 500,000 elephants left in the wild” along with the more emotional “Otto will be sad if there are no elephants left” was enough to convince Mr Delaney it was time to adopt an elephant for St John’s. We are pleased to introduce “Ololoo” who will remain at his sanctuary in Kenya rather than make the rather long journey to Old Windsor.  This is Ololoo’s story:

Ololoo was found alone as a 2-3 year old and after regaining his strength he was introduced to the other Nursery elephants. Incredibly, Ishanga, who has hitherto been a troublesome member of the herd, instantly battened on to him, showering him with love and concern, and has remained glued to his side from that moment on. Although warmly embraced by all the females, it was Ishanga whom he took to most, and this incredible friendship has changed Ishanga’s temperament overnight. From being “pushy” and a disruptive member of the herd, she has been instantly transformed into a contented and happy one. It was “love at first sight” and a miracle that has astounded us all. Perhaps, as a wild elephant, she adored an older brother of that age, whom the newcomer resembles! Ololoo lives at in Kenya.