On this day, we reflected on the upcoming anniversary of the first lockdown. We spent a day, creating lasting physical memories that are captured in a time capsule, in the hope that future SJB boys will be able to see what it was like to live through a pandemic.

The boys decorated beautiful tins with their memories of lock-down and have planted them with flowers for a SJB living wall. We can’t wait to see them in full bloom.

Jack M has written an account of the memorable day;

PHSE DAY – 18th March 2021

The day started with us reviewing a PowerPoint of 2020, what a year!
This then inspired me to look back on my/our actions over the past year. Whilst filling out a form, it gave us the opportunity to think and write about our highs and lows from the previous lockdowns. This was a time to reflect.

After the exhausting task of thinking about the past year, we went out for a break. This was an opportunity for us to spend some quality time with our friends, something that we have all missed out on recently.

For our science lesson, we were allowed to venture into the woods where we had time to work together to build our dens and also occasionally battle with sticks, in a playful way of course! Just having the freedom to be outside was something that we had missed.

Next came Latin. This was a blast from the past.

Through the various activities of the day, we had worked up an appetite. Lynne and the team did not disappoint. Full from our feed, it was off to the sports hall to participate in some mind-bending teamwork games. Getting the brain fully into gear after all of this time was a struggle but we got there in the end under the supervision of Mr Baker.  

For the first time, we ventured into a game of hockey. Always a good excuse to run off energy and what better way to do this, by giving teenage boys some sticks!  All good fun and I look forward to playing it again in the future but maybe next time in the way that the game was intended.

After this, we were then given another opportunity to reflect on our highs and lows of lockdown.

To round off a fun day, we planted seeds that we hope to see grow and bring a smile to people’s faces at drop off and pick up. Seeing all of the cans together was a festival of colour.

Take a look at the pictures of the boys commemorating a most extraordinary year:

Upper School

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Middle School

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