Pupil committees assemble and declare their goals for this academic year

Earlier this week, during assembly, this year’s Rudiments officials presented their committee’s causes to the Middle School boys and then awarded a selection of boys their committee badges to welcome them. The Year 3 boys were particularly proud as it was their first time to be part of a committee. A boy from each class is represented in the Pupil Parliament and one per year group in the Eco Committee.

The Eco-Committee is led by Rufus D in Year 8 and it is especially poignant this week with the COP26 underway. The boys watched David Attenborough’s speech and were highly motivated to declare their own goals for the SJB Eco-Committee:

Eco Committee’s Aim by Rufus D:

“The Eco Committee at St John’s is a group that strives to make the school a more environmentally friendly place, in the most efficient ways possible, whilst ensuring the effects don’t impact other essential aspects of life here. Small changes are put in place by not only the team itself but any pupils who have suggestions. These small steps are in the hopes to reduce our Carbon footprint, using methods such as reducing power usage when necessary and wasting as little paper and resources as possible. The choices which we make not only impact us at school but the entirety of the world’s population, as well as the rest of the creatures which inhabit it. There is no backup location that everyone can move to if Earth gets pushed past its limit, which means we are obliged to make the difference we can. Our main objective is to help ensure that future generations and creatures get the same experience that we have had so far.”