We have a great many inspirational young men in the upper part of the school who are eager to make a positive difference in the school and beyond and in doing so, to influence the younger generation of boys at St John’s.

Our head boy, deputy head boy and officials have all been given the opportunity to run with our inaugural committees that were started last year.

We are proud of these boys and the work that they have started to do under extremely different circumstances and from all around the world – from Lucas in South Africa to Faisal in Nigeria to the rest of the boys here at home in the UK

The boys chair their committee once a week and have invited other boys in the Upper School to contribute to this work. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss ways in which we can develop both school life at St John’s Beaumont but also influence positively the lives of others.

The committees cover a diverse range of affairs and include the Pupil Parliament, chaired by George B and Marcus D, where the boys, amongst other things, are investigating the potential of creating a reflective/tranquil area in the heart of the school by opening up the Quad from the Lady Gallery.

The Chaplaincy Committee chaired by Mauro is considering how we can work closely with and support the work of Jesuit Missions worldwide and also build our current relationship with our sister school in Zimbabwe. The boys are researching how they might facilitate sending our unused textbooks and other learning resources to the school. Mauro and his team are also looking at ways in which they can hold events such as our annual Day of Service.

Our Eco and Environmental Affairs Committee led by Faisal are asking St John’s boys to become synonymous for taking care of the planet and setting the example for other schools worldwide. Some of their main projects will be The CanO water movement, recycling, preparing for COP26 and living out Laudato Si. Their latest initiative will be the Windsor Food Waste Program.

Tom chairs the Outreach and Charity Committee. This year one of the initiatives will be on Care Homes and how we can give back to the people who have missed out on so much family time and connection with the outside world over the year.

Our Hospitality Committee is chaired by Lucas T and his committee will be working with the Eco Committee on the Windsor Food Waste Program, as well as getting involved with hosting of any upcoming social events when regulations allow.

We are enormously grateful to the large number of boys who have generously donated their free time. We thank them for their energy and commitment to these hugely worthwhile projects. We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work at school and importantly the impact on the lives of those boys who will be filling their shoes in years to come.