Our SJB boarder R-Ta (YR7) lives with his family in Bangkok.

After a telephone conversation with Mr Delaney, he decided that it was time to start helping the community around him, during this crisis. 

R-Ta has now completed a new project, he has taught online English lessons to Neophytes (otherwise known as new learners) at the Rama 9th Temple, where he was ordained himself.

Here is R-Ta’s account of his previous experience supporting his local hospital:

“In the past few weeks, I have started two small projects to support the medical staff in the hospital near me. This project was only made possible with the help of my two friends Nina and Numneung, and my Aunt who supported me with the recipes. 

On the 11th of April, I did my first charity project which was baking 1,000 banana cakes. You can watch a video about it here:


The second project I did was on the 17th of April. This project is similar to the first except I cooked some Thai cuisine for the same hospital. The reason I went back to the same hospital was that they are currently housing around 150 patients, and among them are COVID-19 victims.

After handing in both the banana cakes and the Stir fry Garlic pork with rice and boiled eggs to the hospital (different days), we received a token of gratitude in the form of a certificate from the hospital. 

In the making of this project, I have learnt that what we take for granted, in this case, food, is what other people around the world would find very precious. Not only the patients who are suffering but also the medical staff who are working tirelessly in this crisis, are in need of proper meals. I enjoyed helping the community a lot and I’m hoping I can do more in the future.

Thank you,


Great work R-Ta!