Our Rudiments boys (Year 8) recently enjoyed a Geography fieldwork day on microclimates combined with an adrenaline-charged teambuilding exercise.

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Arjan LK and James T have provided their account of the day:

“On Friday, the 10th of September, excitement was buzzing in the air as a good day ahead was planned.

The morning started with normal lessons in mufti clothes. However, people were going in and out of lessons to do the fieldwork recordings. My group did theirs at 5 pm. When we did the readings we were given a compass and an anemometer. There were four sites, at each site we would describe the site, for example, the surface type of the ground, what was around the site and how much shadow there was. We stood still with our compass and adjusted the point to face north and then we figured out which way we were facing. This is how we worked out our aspect. Then we used our anemometer to measure the heat and the windspeed by holding it out as the wind blew through a tiny fan to measure how fast the wind was blowing.

The teamwork activities kicked off with bubble football which was loads of fun. As soon as it began everyone was knocking people over and slipping around. Instead of bubble football, it was more or less turning into a boxing arena. It was absolutely hilarious as people tripped up fell over and couldn’t get up. After we took our inflated bubbles off and we went to dodgeball. Let’s just say it did not end well for my team, we lost 2-0 but it was good fun and I wished that we could do it again.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for …paintball. We were given chest plates, overalls and helmets and then we went in. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much, as the paintballs flew out of the gun at 200 mph. This time however my team won, with me carrying the flag to the enemies base, to capture the flag to win.

After the fun came to an end everyone was hungry and ready for the pizza we all had a laugh and a great time talking about paintball and the bubble football everyone had such a great time.”

We would love to do it again!