Congratulations to our Year 8 Ruds boys for taking on senior positions in the school throughout their final year at St John’s Beaumont.

St John's Beaumont School Captains Ruds 2020Opportunities for leadership and responsibility are an essential part of human growth and we were pleased to award some of the senior positions to our Year 8 Rudiments boys at Morning Prayer. Later that day, the boys were handed their ‘officials’ ties by the headmaster, Mr Delaney.

A boy’s final year at Prep School provides an invaluable opportunity, not simply to pass an examination to their chosen secondary school but to act as a role model and to set expectations for the next generation of St John’s boys.

We have no doubt that, in our new group of Rudiments boys, each of them has the integrity, compassion and intelligence to inspire the younger boys who look up to them with admiration.

We look forward to making further appointments as the year progresses.

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