Report by Daniel N.

On the 26th of February, St John Beaumont hosted a Rugby 7s Festival.

Over 13 schools participated in the tournament including St John’s Year 6 and Year 8 rugby 7s team. The day progressed well despite the muddy pitches we played on.

The Year 6 rugby 7s team coach was Mr.Pearce. The team played outstandingly well in the challenging conditions and this is the outcome of the matches: The first game we played against was St Mary’s Hall and this match wasn’t easy. In the first half, they scored two tries but that wasn’t going to keep us down. So we encouraged ourselves and soon into the second half we scored one try but soon after we let them score two tries making the scores 1-4 to St Mary’s Hall.

The second game was against Caldicott. We definitely better this time, we learned from our mistakes and by the end of the game, we won with 2 tries to one. The third game though was a challenge and the outcome of it was a draw. The fourth match though was harder this time. We were playing against Lambrook and they were a pretty good team. In the first half, they scored two tries. But we knew this wasn’t over and successfully we scored two more tries making the score another draw for our fourth match.

On the other hand, our fifth match wasn’t the best. We were playing against Aysgarth got a little bit tired and drained from playing the other four matches and in conclusion, we lost 1-4. But this tie we were determined to win this last match, so we put all our effort into this one match and it went amazingly well. We were going against Oratory and they knew this wasn’t going to be easy. We played outstandingly well in this match and scores were a great score of 2-1.

Overall our first match was a loss of 1-4, our second on a win of 2-1, then the third one a draw of 1-1, the fourth another draw of 2-2, The fifth a loss of 1-4 and the final match a win of 2-1.

Special thanks to the parents that came to support us and to our coach Mr. Pearce. Also thanks to the Year fives who played with us in the matches and all of the year 6 rugby 7s for doing an outstanding performance and thank you St Johns for hosting the tournament.