On Thursday 23rd of September, the scholarship club went to Winchester College for a fascinating exhibition.

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Please read Reuel J & Eashar S’s shared account of the event:

“The scholarship club went to Winchester College to see an exhibition on the early climbing of Mount Everest and to listen to a talk by Stephen Venables, who was the first British climber to climb Mount Everest without oxygen in 1988 with Americans Robert Anderson and Ed Webster, and Canadian Paul Teare. Whilst in the exhibition we learnt about the incredible story of George Mallory, who was a famous mountain climber and a student at Winchester College. We learnt about the route he took, the struggles he faced and the equipment he used. Additionally, we then compared modern climbing to when Mallory climbed in the 1920s. The talk by Stephen Venables was amazing and inspirational as it gave us a unique insight into what it was actually like to climb the tallest mountain in the world. Some of the questions that were asked were, do you climb trees, and how did you feel when you got to the top of the mountain?  Also, there was a question about whether he was still in touch with his fellow climbers and the local Nepalese group who helped them.

In conclusion, the thing that was most interesting and that stuck with us was the severe frostbite that he suffered, as it was a reminder of the struggles that he faced but also of the reward he received at the end of that struggle.”

Thank you to Winchester College for welcoming our St John’s boys!