Jack C in Year 5 has been awarded 1st prize in the Sherborne Writes competition,  a competition organised by Sherborne School for Year 5 prep school pupils. The topic was ‘New Beginnings’ and Jack wrote a story entitled ‘The Poppies’. The judges particularly praised him for his creative take on the topic and the emotion that his story invoked in the reader.

The Poppies

The guns ceased to fire. The bell rang. All was silent. Jack climbed out of his murky, dusty, disgusting trench and dropped his smooth rifle to the floor with a sigh of relief.
The ashen clouds disappeared into an azure sky. The rabbits emerged from the undergrowth contemplating their rejuvenation. Jack came through his village with people side by side cheering his command squadron. The whole world was sublime that night, as they all sat under the stars resting and joking. The next day, Jack woke up refreshed and opened his curtains. He saw something rather strange. It was a flower, but what type?
The burning red of the flower made it glisten in the sunlight and attracted a hive of bees. They were poppies! Jack’s face lit up with joy.

By Jack C