SJB is showing the love for the Climate Coalition

In support of the Climate Coalition’s campaign to raise awareness for a cleaner, greener world, St John’s Beaumont School has joined the #showthelove campaign in February. It’s Valentines’ month and we are turning all our hearts green!

Friday, 12th February – #showthelove Mufti Day!

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We did:

Pancake flipping


On 12th February, we were celebrating a mufti day by ditching the school uniform and wearing something green, outfits ranged from green superhero outfits, elves, onesies or just green jumpers. The greener the better. Who dared to don green face-paint? Pictures please to marketing@sjb.email.

Show your green love 

To raise awareness, we were asked to make, display, wear and share as many green hearts as we could. Here are some of our ideas:

Make green pancakes 

At 9:40 AM on Friday, 12th February, all lessons were on hold for an hour to join a school-wide pancake making session. 

Click here for recipes,  we look forward to receiving more of your pictures to marketing@sjb.email.

Start with a greener home

Talk to your parents, how you can make your own home greener. Don’t try and change the world in one go. Rather settle on just one or two initiatives that could make a big difference in the long term. Write them down and display them prominently at home.

Here are some ideas;

  • Do you make compost? How can you prevent food waste?
  • Is your garden bee-friendly? Sow a little wildflower meadow in one corner of your garden. The bees will love you for it.
  • How well do you recycle? Do you need to buy plastic bottles and other packaging?
  • Switch the light off, when not needed, and switch all your bulbs to energy-friendly LED.
  • See here for more ideas…

Send us a picture/copy of your own green pledge to marketing@sjb.email.

Last but not least…

Sign the Climate Coalition

The Jesuit Mission and St John’s Beaumont are asking everyone to support the Climate Coalition. Get an adult (or as many as you can) to sign the Climate Coalition’s declaration to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Sign the declaration here

Join the 136,930 people that have already signed and use your voice to tell politicians that you want a cleaner, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild a strong economy.

Thank you!

#showthelove at St John's Beaumont School 2021