Year 8 boarders become public transport experts on their trip to Windsor 

On Sunday 12th March, our Year 8 full boarders (Adam A, Richard C, Frankie Q) went on a trip to Windsor, with the intention of only public transport. Bus routes at the ready, they were given the responsibility to navigate the group to Windsor town centre (Mrs Suddery was of course on hand for any queries!) The boys relished in this independence and freedom, providing them with a taste for life beyond St John’s, in which they may be expected to travel independently. 

Below are some of the boys’ accounts of a truly memorable day; 

Adam A – “It is easy to use public transport, but you need lots of patience. It was not my first time but, on the way back, our bus got canceled so we were trying to entertain ourselves by pushing each other off the bench. So, after 30 minutes the bus still did not come so we called Mr. Clements and he picked us up from the bus stop.”

Richard C – “We learned to use public transport so we could learn and prepare for when we are older. It was fun watching Adam and Frankie panic because the bus had not arrived.”

Frankie Q – “The public transport would be immensely helpful for us when we get older, and I was a bit panicked when the bus did not come since it was cancelled. Overall, we had an exciting time trying to get back to school by bus.”