SJB On Tour with the Lions

This Summer, the British and Irish Lions are due to tour South Africa. Whilst there is some doubt as to whether the tour will go ahead, the SJB Community will be taking up the challenge of completing the tour and ‘travelling’ the distances between the different locations.

The Challenge:

SJB Shape Challenge The Lions Tour 2021

Total Distance needed to complete the tour: 15,188.67 km / 9,434.5 miles

How will we do this?

  • Run
  • Cycle
  • Row
  • Walk

You can complete either a run/walk or cycle and log it on Strava as part of the SJB Running Club / SJB Cycling Club. Or you can submit a row using the google form here. We will then track our journey as we progress through the tour.

For those not able to use Strava, you can use a separate google form where you can record a run/walk or cycle. This must be supported by a picture giving evidence of what you have done.

If you are using a machine such as a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing ergo, please enter your results manually into Strava and take a photo for your class notebook or email to Mr Hennessy and Mr Manning.

Please read our Conditions of Use for SJB Fitness Club.

When can I do my runs / cycles / rows?

Be active whenever you can; during break times on a school day, mornings, evenings or weekends.

Some boys may be given permission by Mr Hennessy to do this during SJB SHAPE lessons under strict conditions. If you wish your son to do so, please contact Mr Hennessey to obtain permission. Then you can take pictures of your workout results and add them to your class workbook.

Who can do this?

Everyone! Boys, parents and staff are all invited to take part. We are counting on you.

Will I get any prizes?

Yes. There will be a variety of awards in each year group each week.

When does this have to be completed by?

The deadline for completing the challenge is Sunday 28th February.

Distances and Milestones

  • London to Cape Town –  9673.77km / 6011 miles
  • Cape Town to Port Elizabeth- 746.8 km / 465.1 miles
  • Port Elizabeth to Durban- 909.9 km / 565.3 miles
  • Durban to Nelspruit- 679.1 km / 422 miles
  • Nelspruit to Pretoria- 314.7km / 195.6 miles
  • Pretoria to Johannesburg- 68.8km / 38.5 miles
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town- 1,397.8 km / 868.5 miles
  • Cape Town to Johannesburg- 1,397.8 km / 868.5 miles

Total Distance: 15,188.67 km / 9,434.5 miles

Conditions of use for SJB Fitness Club

Strava Sign-Up Tutorial

Google Form – Rowing

Google Form – Running/Walking

Google Form – Cycling

Strava SJB Running Club

Strava SJB Cycling Club