Our wonderful Headmaster’s PA, Ms Wisden, is volunteering at the Food Bank at St Saviour’s Church in Sunbury-on-Thames.

Ms Wisden is leading a team of volunteers who are preparing food parcels for people in need in the community, vulnerable people and elderly members of the church community, who are now at home ‘shielding’ as well as people who find themselves unable to provide for their families. 

In the 3 weeks that she has volunteered to date, Ms Wisden has seen a huge increase in the need, going from 6 or 7 deliveries on her first morning, to processing 37 deliveries this week (each one fills at least 5 carrier bags).   

The food parcels include basics, depending on the need of the recipients (which can be for families of up to 5) together with surplus food that they are receiving from supermarkets, and now also surplus frozen meals that have been donated by chefs cooking for NHS staff.  The families are very blessed with the donations they receive, which have included Easter eggs and flowers as treats. 

There is also a lot of excess food, donated by local big-name supermarkets, that is available to anyone regardless of need. It is as much about protecting our planet and not letting food go to waste, as making sure people have fresh produce. This excess food is available to the local public outside the church when the Food Bank is open.  

The mornings are hectic for Ms Wisden at the Food Bank, with approximately 25 volunteers, working inside and outside the Church. She is heading up a team of about twelve people, working alongside local councillors, train drivers, events coordinators and a range of people who are currently not able to go to their usual jobs.  Day by day, new routines are being put into place, depending on the increased demand and ensuring that social distancing and safe practices are in place, for the protection of the volunteers, but also of course, of the recipients.  Each day is busier than the last! 

Mrs Wisden is feeling blessed to be able to give back to her church and community in this way.

The Food Bank is run independently by St Saviour’s Church, almost entirely by volunteers. To find out more please click here

If you would like to support the work of the St Saviour’s Food Bank, which in the past 4 weeks has given out the ingredients and food to make up just under 40,000 meals, you can do so here:

Please keep the people that work at the Food Bank in your prayers, for their protection and health and please pray for the people receiving the support, many of whom find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, unable to provide for their families at this extraordinary time.  

Thank you.