Dear parents and guardians

The beginning of September in some ways seems like only yesterday and in others a lifetime away. So much has happened this term and the need to adapt and support each other has never been more important.

I do want to pay testament to the boys this term, for their patience and maturity. Furthermore, their understanding of the importance of the sacrifices we are asking of them has made me very proud, as have their many moments of instinctive care and kindness.  It has also been lovely to see them celebrate with their Animals during this week’s sporting competitions. The carol service and nativity play reflected their energy and enjoyment equally as vibrantly. 

The St John’s staff is made up of an outstanding team of teachers and support staff who consistently go above and beyond in support of the boys. Thank you to all those whose professionalism and commitment have provided the framework for everything that has been achieved this term academically, musically, on the sports field and on stage!

Thank you also to you, our parents and extended families for your patience, understanding and support for the constant but necessary changes that have occurred throughout the term. I count myself very fortunate indeed to be part of a community that strives for something more and something different for our boys.

Whilst the weeks and months ahead will continue to present restrictions and challenges, I hope these past months have helped to establish two important lessons that will remain with them throughout their lives. Firstly, that challenge need not bring failure but rather a chance to adapt and create new opportunities and secondly, that each of us in our own way, through small sacrifices, can have a profound impact on the life of others, particularly the marginalised and vulnerable.

Whatever Christmas holds for you and your family, I hope it is filled with peace, love and laughter!

With very kind regards,

Giles Delaney