Dear Parents, Guardians and members of the St John’s community 

This past week has again been one of exploration and adaptation for the boys and the staff but nonetheless one that has brought with it a great sense of enjoyment, teamwork and fulfilment. 

Talking to a number of you at drop-off in the morning, it has been so lovely to see how the boys are maturing and adapting to the different opportunities both at home and at school. It was lovely to see boys return at the beginning of this week and we very much hope to see more of their friends join them in the coming weeks. Aside from the obvious pleasure in seeing the community re-emerge here it is providing us with an invaluable environment in which to test our procedures so that we are fully prepared and ready when September comes. We are keeping a close eye on ongoing government updates regarding school opening and will update you in the coming days in response to this.

As our traditional guestroom weekend approaches we will obviously not have the opportunity for our day parents to welcome full boarders to their homes: something that is such an important part of the culture at St John’s but nonetheless we are hoping to make the most of these opportunities and invite, in a virtual sense, the day boys to join their overseas friends in their countries. It strikes me that whilst our overseas boys learn a tremendous amount from their time in England there are opportunities for them to share their own cultures and lives with us and we will be looking to do this on the Monday after guestroom when  school will happen as “normal.” As each week goes past and government plans are on unveiled incrementally we will have a clearer picture of how St John’s will run in September and we very much look forward to sharing these plans with you before the end of this term.

In the meantime can I wish you all, wherever you are in the world, a very happy and peaceful weekend.

Giles Delaney


SJB Together – 12th June – Newsletter (click here)