Dear Parents and Guardians

Despite the obvious nationwide challenges, each new day at St John’s continues to bring with it opportunities and exciting developments and this week has centred, in part, on the welcoming of more boys back to school and planning for the further re-opening for our Berchmans, Bellarmine, Lower Elements and Upper Elements boys next week. This is wonderful news for their teachers and myself who are very excited indeed to see the boys return to school.

We are mindful, however, that we are still missing two hugely important year groups in Years 7 and 8 and particularly our Rudiments boys, who are preparing to leave us very shortly: all of these boys remain very much in our thoughts and prayers.

From the very start of the lockdown, we have sought to create the clearest vision possible and a foundation upon which we will base key decisions: these relate significantly to the quality of the boys’ learning and their mental well-being. The short term (remaining weeks of term) offers opportunities for the boys to socialise with their peers which is enormously important. It is equally important that we consider carefully the medium and long-term impacts of any decision, particularly with regards to the boys’ return in September and beyond. The plans we have put into place for the coming weeks will facilitate both of these elements while maintaining the quality of teaching and learning and the boys’ access to their teachers.

Alongside planning for the next few weeks, until the end of term, we have also been working hard to ensure that the school is ready to open fully in September to all boys, and that the curriculum is effective and fully resourced. We will, over the summer holidays, be commissioning a wide-ranging works programme to ensure that every boy can be taught on-site, safely, in bubbles not exceeding current government guidance and under the direct supervision of experienced and qualified teachers.

We will continue to update parents about these plans moving forward.

With very kind regards

Giles Delaney

SJB Together – 19th June 2020 – Newsletter