Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is a pleasure to be writing at the end of the first week back at this term. The beautiful weather has provided a wonderful backdrop for welcoming the boys back for a new term and it is been lovely to see their smiling faces and boundless energy after the Easter holiday.

As the term progresses and we pass further key dates on the Government’s COVID roadmap, the weeks will become still busier. We will communicate with you in good time before each event but I would like to draw your attention to the role of the school newsletter in this respect. All communication that serves to highlight key events will be included in our weekly newsletter and I would urge you please therefore to read this with care. Doing so will ensure that you do not miss important events during the term.

A great deal has happened already in a short time including tennis matches and academic scholarship examinations and it has been super to see the boys are commencing their activities once again. Thank you also to the many parents who joined us for Wednesday’s SJB Parent Reach talk on study skills. This talk was designed to offer an introduction for parents to what is, in practice, a very broad range of skills. This initial talk will be followed by a subsequent programme of short seminars for parents on a range of specific study-related skills.

There is a great sense of optimism at St John’s for the coming weeks as time passes we will look forward with eager anticipation to welcoming you safely back onto the school site.

Giles Delaney