Dear Parents, Guardians and Boys,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all members of the school community, particularly the boys, for the manner in which you have adapted to the new temporary arrangements that we have put in place to protect the school community. I know this is not been easy for the boys I wanted to commend them here for the way in which they have made the very most of the situation. The way a great many of them supported the other, recognised those amongst their peers who need help and offer this instinctively has been wonderful.

Whilst the remaining weeks of this term will continue to be academically-focused, we do want to take as many opportunities as we possibly can to celebrate Advent and the approaching Christmas season amongst the school community. I’m terribly disappointed that we will not have the opportunity of welcoming so many of you to our grandparent’s tea party or carol services as we do every year, but you and your wider families are very much in our thoughts and prayers at this time. We are planning to record a shorter carol service involving the Chapel Choir and the boys over the coming days and will look forward to sharing this with you before the end of the term.

I wish you a very enjoyable weekend.

Giles Delaney