SJB Together – Welcome from Mr Delaney

Dear Parents, Guardians and Boys,

The boys have again done so well this week and, alongside the now well-established routine of the school day, it is lovely to see new opportunities begin to emerge amongst different year groups. One of the unarguable benefits of the current restrictions is that it is creating a space for boys to adapt and consider alternative and innovate opportunities and it will be lovely to watch these develop over the coming weeks. Whether it be a proposed political satire film in Rudiments, a news and SJB current affairs blog in Lower Figures, an SJB documentary,  collective worship led by the boys or any number of other ideas, your sons are making the very best of this moment in class and outside.

One thing which has perhaps energised many of the boys like nothing else was the recently televised US presidential debate. Listening to some of their comments and rationalisation of each candidate’s values, message and debating style has been one of the many highlights of my week. They recognise the importance of this moment in history and the impact that the election will have on their own lives in the future and are heavily invested in the process. We will continue to watch and observe with interest.

I wish you a very happy and enjoyable weekend.

Giles Delaney

SJB Together – 2nd October 2020