St John Berchmans taught us that ‘the most important thing in life is not to do the extraordinary things but to do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way’.

In the Gospel according to Matthew, Jesus taught us to

look after those less fortunate: to feed the hungry, welcome the homeless, clothe the naked, care for the sick and visit the imprisoned. 

Our Feast Day will focus on our boys serving those who are less fortunate than us in various different ways.

  • Middle School will write Christmas cards to prisoners who are supported by the St Vincent de Paul charity.
  • Middle School and some Upper School boys will write postcards to refugees.
  • Upper School will sort and organise the food and toy donations which will be going to people in the local area living on the poverty line.
  • Rudiments will be walking down to Runnymede and picking up litter, following Pope Francis’ teachings and caring for our common home. Appropriate footwear is recommended: walking boots/wellies.

As part of the day, the boys will learn about the Red Chair project which highlights the number of children throughout the world who miss school due to conflict or poverty. They will also create artwork for the National Jesuit Art Competition inspired by St Ignatius’ Transformation from soldier to priest.

This will be a full and fun-packed day focusing on helping others in various differing ways, doing the things Jesus calls us to do in extraordinary ways. We ask that parents get involved by continuing to donate food and toys listed in the letter that went out last week.

The people we are helping are having to choose between heat and food, between housing costs and Christmas presents, and everything we can give will make a huge difference for them.

Thank you.

Ms Gillespie
Lay Chaplain

Read here how the day went