Sterling performances at our virtual music concerts, highlighting the musical talents in Middle and Upper School

During Covid-19, thanks to modern video-call technology, many instrumental teachers were quick to resume their lessons online. With lots of time on hand, SJB boys have been practising their instruments extra hard.

To display their achievements, Dr Mollison (Director of Music at SJB) organised the first virtual SJB music concerts. The demand to participate was so hight that the Middle School concert had to be split over two days. It has also enabled some of our music ensembles to continue collaborating together on joint projects online.

The first Middle School concert on Friday 12th June, showed a great variety of musical genres and the boys are embracing an array of instruments, including the French horn, the violin, cello and guitar as well as percussions, piano and singing. It was a musical delight!

On Thursday 18th June, the boys of SJB Upper School presented and performed in their Upper School Music Concert. The young musicians demonstrated with ease, an extremely high level of performance, many of which were spellbinding.

Caspar R and his brother Aaron performed an unforgettable song together, ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables with such accomplishment and passion.

Caspar and Aaron performing 'I Dreamed a Dream' from Les Miserables 

We heard Shaurya G present a Diploma level piece, the Rhapsody No 2 by Brahms on the piano, with elegance and nuance.  

Shaurya presenting the Rhapsody No 2 by Brahms

Alex B stirred ‘the force’ with his ‘Duel of Fates’ on the piano, from the Star Wars film and The Percussion ensemble, as always sophisticated and entertaining, presented an arrangement of Mamma Mia, scored by our school percussion teacher, Mr Jones who also did the zoom video editing. 

SJB Percussions Ensemble performing MammaMia

Justin Y made his cello sound professional as he lept from position to position on the strings with poise and ease as did Lucas T on the violin.

We heard intoxicating piano songs from Felix B and Michael S, whilst our Captain of Music Monty S performed the Haydn Trumpet Concerto movement with such poise. 

There were many more performances in addition, all were superb.

Watch impressions from both concerts below:

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