This year’s Christmas cards are now available!

Please click here to place your order. Once placed, they can be picked up at the school’s Reception any time during school opening hours or sent home in your son’s book-bag. 

Cards are 50p each and come with a red envelope. They are available in bundles of ten. Proceeds will go to the school’s (FSJB) chosen charities.

The cards have been commissioned by the school, depicting our patron saint of St John’s Beaumont.

St John Berchmans (1599-1621), can be seen in the presence of Christ at his birth. St John’s life of simplicity and sincerity mirrors that of Jesus’ birth and reminds us that we grow closer to God through the purity of our thoughts and actions.

St John is pictured typically holding his Crucifix, his Rosary, and the Book of (Jesuit) Rules; three items which, as he lay dying, he pressed to his heart saying, “These are my three treasures; with these, I shall gladly die”.

This painting highlights St John’s devotion to Our Lady and also sees him praying at an altar, signifying his role as patron saint to Altar Boys and his special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.

The painting is edged with rosary beads, again reminding us of John’s devotion to the Rosary. The words ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ appear over John’s head, calling us to respond to God’s call, as he did, and to do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

Giles Delaney