Winchester Science Centre

STEAM Week Trip

On Tuesday 7th February, our Year 6 and 7 boys visited the Winchester Science Centre. Below are some of the boys’ accounts of an unforgettable day.

“There are any things I enjoyed about going to this Science Museum. I enjoyed the massive planet projector, where you could look t all the parts of the planet that you chose. This was part of the space exhibition area, which I also enjoyed a lot. Another thing I enjoyed was the virtual simulation of our galaxy.

During the trip I also learnt a couple of things. These were mostly related to the virtual simulation of space. I learnt a lot about constellations and also learned how they helped, for example, farmers to know wen to harvest. I also learnt that our solar system had an outer ??? of and that we are engulfed in an asteroid cloud.

I also want to say thank you to Mrs Thornycroft and Miss Murphy for organising the entire event, the booking for the museum, the packing of the lunches and the coaches, thank you!”

– Vlad. S (Year 7)


“What I enjoyed:

When we went to Winchester Science Centre, one of my favourite parts was when we went to the space exhibition. This was really fun, because it was interactive. I have always learnt best when what I was learning was interactive. An example is science experiments, I really enjoy doing these because I et to take part. I also enjoyed the planetarium because it was fun to see the stars.

What I learnt:

I learnt that the North Star existed. I previously hadn’t known about the North Star before so I learnt about it and where it is in our skies during the night.

Thank yous:

Thank yous go to all of the staff and especially Mrs Thornycroft for all the effort put in to preparing our trip to the Winchester Science Centre.”

– Manuel S-C (Year 7)


“What I enjoyed:

I enjoyed the space exhibition, I really enjoyed all the activities as it really taught me a lot of things. I also enjoyed the activities above the space exhibition. I learnt things I never knew. But the coding was very fun. I really enjoyed programming the crumble bot. The presentation of the space was by far the best.

What I learnt:

I learnt a lot in the presentation of space. I learnt that at night Mercury can get up to 180 degrees. I also learnt that Venus is full of volcanoes. I also learnt that Jupiter has no solid ground, Saturn had a moon in it’s ring, Uranus is the coldest planet and it had a record of the coldest day and I also learn that Neptune has the strongest winds. This all was fascinating.

Thank you:

Thank you Mrs Thornycroft for arranging this this trip. Thank you to all the other staff who came along. Thank you to Lynne and the kitchen team for preparing our lunch. Thank you for making STEAM week a special week.”

– Janav B (Year 7)


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