What a wonderful day it proved to be although the sun shined the morning was a little chilly as we drove up to the Victoria Gate. After disembarking we headed for the Educational Centre to be greeted by our guides.

After a brief introduction off we headed to the Princess Diana Centre where we were grateful for the warmth. Working our way through the various collections of flowers and fauna we stopped at times so that the guide could explain the various facts behind the displays.

Huge plants and delicate orchids provided a fascinating backdrop and the boys listened carefully to the intriguing stories and explanations about the plants.

The inevitable questions such as ‘When are we having lunch?’ and ‘Do we have to walk?’ were swiftly dealt with as we eventually walked towards the ‘Climbers and Creepers’ the ‘watering hole’ for the boys.

After lunch we set off for the Treewalk a structure high up in the tree tops which beckoned to be climbed. Perhaps not by all!

Miss Dos Santos wisely staked her claim at the foot of the structure so as to ensure safety ‘on the ground’ while the other teachers led the group up the many stairs to the very top!

As we climbed the chattering appeared to disappear as minds ‘and mouths’ became more and more unsure. Finally we reached the top and the views were stunning. The day was so clear we could see for miles and everyone enjoyed the adventure.

Finally having climbed down it was time to return to our coach and head home.

Everyone thought the day had been a great success!